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Atlist is the easy way to create beautiful, custom Google Maps with multiple markers. No code required.

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Trusted By Organizations Large And Small

"I cannot decide which is better, the product or the support. Recommending this to all of our clients."

- William Kariuki, UX Designer at Ensign

"My client fell in love with Atlist immediately. So did I. The simplicity and functionality lead to an awesome user experience."

- Dan Plumadore, Founder, SkyBourne

"It was faster to use [Atlist] to build this out than have our in-house engineers work on the project."

- Calvin Williamson, Web Designer


Everything you need to create powerful custom maps.

Easy to Use

Bring designs to life with customizable styles.

✓ Markers

✓ Modals

✓ Sidebar

✓ Maps

✓ Fonts

✓ Labels

Embed Anywhere

Publish to any website— Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, Webflow and more.

Current Location

Plot the users current location for easier wayfinding.

Programmatic Icons

Automatically create marker icons based on order.

Password Protect

Keep maps secure and private.


Organize markers into groups with custom styles.


Add a powerful, customizable sidebar to maps.

✓ Search all markers at once
✓ Show & hide groups

Customize Controls

Add or remove streetview, mouse scroll, fullscreen and more.


Add traffic, transit and bicycling layers.

Import Spreadsheets

Create custom maps from your spreadsheet data.

Mobile Friendly

Atlist is 100% responsive.

✓ Create maps on your phone
✓ Visitors can browse maps on their phone


Totally customizable clusters.

Custom HTML

Customize modal windows with HTML.

Photo Galleries

Add photo galleries to modal pop-ups.

Lat & Long

Plot markers with latitude & longitude.

The Custom Map Maker You've Been Looking For

If you can imagine it, you can build it: beautiful world maps, powerful store locators, infographics and more. Atlist is the map creator that's easy enough for anyone to use while also being flexible enough for multiple formats.

Easy To Use

Atlist makes custom maps easy— no need to understand HTML, Javascript or APIs. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Atlist.

Multiple Markers

Add markers one-by-one or upload them in bulk with Microsoft Excel or any CSV spreadsheet.

It's easy to create detailed maps since marker modals can include photo galleries, directions, notes, HTML and more.

Custom Styles

Atlist provides the freedom to style markers, modals and maps however you want— precise controls allow for pixel-perfect designs. Plus, choose from thousands of map templates on Snazzy Maps.

Interactive Maps

Make maps interactive by adding a search bar, street view button and group filtering. Plus, overlay photo galleries, notes, HTML and directions in modal pop-ups.  

Publish Anywhere

Share your map in a format that works for you: embed it on your website, save it as an image, make it password-protected or share a public URL for your online map.

Since maps update in real-time, you'll only need install it once.

Powerful Functionality

Atlist is flexible enough to create maps in different formats: it can be used to create store locators, world maps, infographics and even data visualizations.

See features for more.

Loved By Web Designers

Professional web designers love Atlist because it's easy, powerful and mobile friendly. Maps work on Android and iOS— you can even edit maps on your mobile phone.

Made With ♥

Hi, we're Karl and Steve. We're from Southern Ontario and we're the two founders of Atlist.

Atlist is our love letter to custom maps.  As hobby cartographers, we spent years feeling frustrated by how difficult it was to make custom maps. Even as developers, it just never felt easy to us— we'd lose hours combing through APIs and documentation. We wanted to create a better way.

Atlist is the Google Map maker that we wish we had back then. We want creating a map to be as easy as creating a document.

We really hope you enjoy Atlist.


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10 Maps
100 Markers / Map
1,000 Views / Month
Priority Support
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Atlist Pro


per month

100 Maps
1,000 Markers / Map
2,000 Views / Month
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Additional views are
$0.009 per view
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Do I need a Google Maps API key?

No. Everything is included in your plan— including the Google Maps API costs.

What if I need more than 100 maps or 1,000 markers?

Send us an email at

Why is Atlist priced per pageview?

Atlist is powered by the Google Maps API— which is priced per map load. Usage-based pricing means you don’t get locked into big contracts and you don’t pay for pageviews you don’t need. Read More.

What happens to my maps when I cancel?

Your maps will be deactivated— which means the embed code and public URL will be disabled. Your maps will not be deleted. You can upgrade at anytime to reactivate your maps.

Do you have a free plan?

Not at this time.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at any time. Just go to Billing ⟶ Cancel Plan.

How do I remove the 'Made With Atlist' branding?

Branding can be removed once you upgrade to Atlist Pro.

More questions?

Send us an email at

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