Answers to common questions.

Receipts and Invoices

To find your Atlist receipts and invoices go to Billing:

Then click the Manage Billing:

And you can find all your receipts and invoices here:

Change the Account Email Address

To change the account email address you will need to make a new account under the new email address. Then let us know and we will transfer everything (billing and maps) to your new account!

We apologize— we know this isn't the easiest solution! It's something we'd like to work on.

Non-Profit and Student Discounts

Atlist does not offer non-profit or student discounts.

Why? Well we have to pay Google $0.007 each time a map is loaded. In the past, we gave free accounts to non-profits and students but it got very expensive for us— especially since we are not a funded startup (we've bootstrapped the business from our own savings).

Difficulty Logging In

If you are able, please clear your browser cache.

Then visit and enter your username. Be aware: usernames are case sensitive.

You should then receive a code to your email to set a new password.

Also make sure you are logging in at this URL:

Can I Pay For A Year Up Front?

Unfortunately not.

Since Atlist is pay-per-use, we are not able to offer annual plans.

Haven't Received a Sign-up PIN

If you have not received your sign-up pin please check your spam folder— otherwise contact us. We're quick to respond!


To cancel Atlist click Billing...

... Then click the Manage Billing...

... Finally click Cancel Plan:

Contact us if you run into any trouble.