Pricing: Explained

You pay for Atlist each time your map is viewed. Why?

With Atlist you only pay for what you use.

Atlist plans are on a 30-day period. Within that period, you get a certain amount of included views (for example: 1,000). You pay $0.009 for each additional view that goes over your included views.

Once your 30 day period completes your views reset to zero.

This is commonly called usage pricing.

Why Usage Pricing

It's pretty simple: Atlist pays Google an API fee every time a map is loaded.

Over time we've discovered that some Atlist users create very popular maps— which is great— but can also be expensive for us.

We think usage pricing aligns incentives by connecting price to usage.

Price Comparison: Atlist vs. Google Maps API

Here is a comparison of the prices between Atlist and the Google Maps API:

Atlist Google Maps API
Views $0.009 / View $0.007 / View
Geocodes Included $0.005 / Request
Auto Complete Included $0.017 / Request
Need Developer No Yes

Notifications For Going Over Usage

You will be notified by email anytime you go over included views for the period.

View Your Usage

You can view current usage anytime in Billing.

Billing Frequency

You will be billed every time you hit $45 in usage or at the end of your billing cycle.

Annual Billing

Unfortunately Atlist does not have annual billing at this time.