The building blocks of maps.

Add Your First Marker

The simplest way to add a marker is to search for a location with the Search Bar:

Add a marker with the Search Bar.

Upload A Spreadsheet (Add Markers In Bulk)

If you have many markers you may want to upload them by spreadsheet. This tutorial explains how.

A few notes:

  • Add a Group column to automatically organize markers into groups.
  • Add a Use HTML column with the value of true to use HTML in the notes column.

Latitude & Longitude

Once you've added a marker you can adjust the latitude and longitude of it— just click to open the marker and toggle between address and latitude and longitude:

Click this toggle to adjust a markers latitude and longitude.

Marker Names

Atlist automatically gives markers a name.

Usually the name is the address but if it is a well known landmark (example: Eiffel Tower) Atlist will give it that name.

You can always change the name of the marker and it will not effect the markers location.

Further Reading