Use Cases


The building blocks of maps.

Add a Marker

To add a marker search a location with the Search Bar:

Add a marker

Edit a Marker

Click the marker to open the marker editor.

Editting a marker

You can toggle between the marker address and latitude and longitude:

Adjust the latitude and longitude of a marker.

Atlist will automatically give markers a name. Usually the name is the address but if it is a well known landmark (example: Eiffel Tower) Atlist will give it that name. Changing the name will not effect the markers location.

Upload Markers By Spreadsheet

If you have many markers you may want to upload them by spreadsheet. This tutorial explains how.

Marker Style

Markers can have custom shapes, colors, icons, sizes and borders. They can also be a custom image.

Styling a marker

Markers are styled at three levels: global, group and individual:

  • Global marker styles effect all markers.
  • Group marker styles effect markers in a group.
  • Individual marker styles only effect that individual marker.

Individual styles overrule Global and Group styles. Group styles overrule Global styles.

Read more in Style.

Written By Steve Benjamins
Last Updated June 22, 2020