Sharing and embedding maps.

There are three ways to publish Atlist maps:

  1. Embed
  2. Link
  3. Save as Image

They are all accessed by the Publish tab:

The Publish tab.

Initial Zoom

You can set the Initial Zoom on a map in the Controls tab.

Setting an Initial Zoom

Maps automatically load centered around all the markers. Changing the Zoom Level means you are zooming in or out based on this center point.

So if your map is not showing markers on load it may be because you have set a custom zoom level. A simple fix is to click 'Reset' on the zoom.


You can set map permissions in the Publish tab. There are three options: Public, Private and Password Protected.

Setting Permissions.


The linked URL is hosted by Atlist. It looks like this:

Link live

To preview it click View as a Visitor:



The embed code can be copied and pasted on any website. It doesn't matter if it's Wordpress, Squarespace or custom coded.

The important thing is to paste the embed code within a code block— so if you're using a website builder like Squarespace (below) it needs to be pasted inside a code widget.

Embedding a map on Squarespace.

Note: Embedded maps display an Atlist watermark if you are on the free plan. Upgrade to Pro if you would like to remove this watermark.

Troubleshooting: Background Color Mismatch

Your map may look like it lacks padding if your map sidebar color is different from the background of your website:

You can fix this by wrapping a <div> tag around the embed code (just replace #006699 with the color of your sidebar):

URL Parameters

You can add URL parameters to the embedded URL to change your map. Zoom overrides your zoom default, marker_id focusses on a specific marker and modal_open decides whether or not users can open a modal:

  • zoom=1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20
  • modal_open=true|false
  • marker_id=812cd7d1-8086-4d95-af77-65e43eb4ce6c

Here's an example of an embed code with URL parameters:

To find the marker_id open the marker in the editor and copy the marker_id from the URL:

This is the Marker ID

Save as Image

You can also export your map as an image. Just click the Save as Image tab:

Saving a map as an image.

Clicking the Save as Image button will save a PNG image to your computer based on your current browser size. (So for example if you wanted a skinnier image, just drag your browser to be skinnier.)

Save as Image is an experimental feature so you may run into trouble. If you do, just contact us and we'll see how we can help!