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How to style maps and markers.

Atlist is designed to be highly customizable. If you can see it— you can customize it.


In Atlist there is a hierarchy to styles:

  • Global styles effect all markers.
  • Group styles effect markers in a group.
  • Individual marker styles only effect that individual marker.

Individual styles overrule Global and Group styles.

Group styles overrule Global styles.


Custom Markers

PNG and SVG are the best image types for custom markers. They should have a transparent background and a 1:1 aspect ratio (square).

The center point for custom markers should be the center of the image. So if your custom marker is a triangle, you would want it to look like this:

Custom marker example


You can customize how many roads, landmarks, labels and icons show on your map with these sliders:


Currently you can change the color and shade of your map by choosing between twelve different map styles:

Change theme

We are hoping to launch a feature soon that allows you to import your own JSON styles— this will allow you to import custom styles from tools like Snazzy Maps. Get in touch if you need this feature urgently.


Modals are highly customizable in Atlist.

Modal customization.

There are many parts of a modal that you can customize.

  • Position — Where the modal pops out from (top, left, right, anchored)
  • Card — The shape of the card (roundness, padding, triangle etc.)
  • Title - The font and visibility of the title.
  • Address - The font and visibility of the address and whether you want it to link to Google Maps.
  • Note - The font and visibility of the note.

You can also add a Directions button to modals. This option is found under the Publish tab:


Written By Steve Benjamins
Last Updated May 27, 2020